Dr.V.G.Puranik, an eminent otorhinolaryngologist in Dhule city – a brain behind this novel and noble conception – along with his young enthusiastic friends Dr.Arun, Dr.Avinash, Dr.Satish, Dr.Prakash,Mr.Arun Oke & their better halves started a small unit of IRHH – Institute for the rehabilitation of the Handicapped in Hearing, on 26th January, 1980 with 20 hearing handicapped children.

    It was an interesting beginning indeed. The friends used to meet every month and enjoyed a family get together. A meager amount of Rs. 100/- per month per member and an excursion every month exploring nature and new places became a routine. As these young friends started remaining busy in their practice,there was lesser time available for outings. The contributions soon amounted to Rs.10,000/ in the beginning of the year 1980.

   An idea flashed in the creative mind of the mentor- Dr. V.G.Puranik. With his suggestion, everybody else in the group was delighted. A sibling was planted. The school started functioning. Due to lack of self owned premises, the school had to move from place to place – 17 years in the red-cross bulding, 3 years in the building near JaiHind swimming pool, 3 years in Mr. Patkar’s private campus.

   After being tossed for 22 years at various places, Dr.J.K.Wani from Canada came to their rescue. MESSO- Maharashtra Seva Samiti Organization- Canada handed over funds to K.S.Wani Pratishthan who built two beautiful, spacious, well equipped buildings, one for the school and the other for the hostel. These buildings were built over an area of 15000 sq.ft. owned by the Kele family.

   The school had a stability from June 2000 and the hostel project was initiated in June 2002 so as to encompass the unfortunate hearing handicapped children from remote & far away places. The school was named ‘Pra. Raghunath Kele Vak-Shravan Vikas Vidyalaya’ and the hostel as ‘ Kele Matoshri Vasatigruh’.