About Audiometry

       Audiometry room is sound treated and has specially designed walls, floor, ceiling and doors. Minimum furniture and heavy carpeting are essential. These special features prevent external sounds from entering the room and also absorb any sound waves generated within the room. Ideally ventilation is achieved by central air-conditioning. The results of a pure tone audiometry are shown in the form of a graph called audiogram.

        The pure tone audiometry is a simple test that provides useful information about hearing impairment. The pure tone test is done with the help of audiometer. Audiometer has a basic electronic circuit called an oscilloscope which has a capacity to generate number of frequencies. Audiometer is an instrument designed and calibrated to the international standards.

About Speech Therapy:

        Speech may be called as communication, thought or a symbol, or a verbal mode of communication. Speech is sound produced by vocal folds and modified by articulators using expiratory air. Speech can be defined as audible manifestation of language. Speech production involves respiratory system, phonatory system, architecture system and resonator system.

        There are various amplification devices available for hearing impaired people which give better quality auditory input to them. Teaching hearing impaired children essentially depends upon good quality of auditory input. In our school we use various amplification devices like, speech trainer, group hearing system. The speech trainer can be considered as a large sized hearing aid. It is a kind of master hearing aid. The speech trainer constitutes two microphones, amplifiers and set of head phones. With the help of speech trainer, speech therapist can adjust the output level of the speech trainer according to hearing loss of an individual person and give speech therapy using various speech techniques.

        We use a group hearing aid amplification devise. The classroom teaching is made easier for the teacher with the help of group hearing aid. The system consists of microphones, amplifier and set of headphones. In this system one microphone is installed, on teachers desk and other microphones are installed in such a way that, single microphone is shared with two children and amplifier amplifies electric signal which is fed to a series of students control box. Each control box is equipped with an independent gain control for the left and right head phone.