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Institute for Rehabilitation of Handicapped in Hearing Dhule (MH) India.
To educate & up-bring the Hearing Handicapped Children | "मुकं करोति वाचालम"

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Education Is Our Birthright!

Education is deemed to be the foundation for all sorts of accomplishments in life. Awareness, Mannerisms, Intelligence, Innovation, Wealth, and Repulsion to injustice, all follows in the purview of this indispensable core. An Educated individual remains aware of his rights and is acknowledgeable for his duties.

  • Mission Statement

    To educate and up-bring the Hearing Handicapped Children, irrespective of their socio-economic status and to rehabilitate them in such a way that, they are absorbed in the main stream of the society.

  • Vision Statement

    "No Child Should Be Born Deaf."

IRHH was established with a very pure and sacred intention to educate the unfortunate and often neglected hearing handicapped children. The School was inaugurated on 26th Jan.1980 with 16 students in the premises of the Red-Cross. This was the first of its kind devoted to the hearing handicapped children. OBJECTS for the ‘Institute for Rehabilitation of Handicapped in Hearing’(IRHH) was started. The area of operation of the society is primarily restricted to the district of DHULE, JALGAON, NASIK AND NANDURBAR but it can be extended to the whole of the State of Maharashtra.

Our Hardworking Team

Dr. A. Z. Salunke


We are trying to fill the void which the nature has not fulfilled. We are trying to make them as capable as others and trying to bring them to the mainstream.

Dr. V. G. Puranik

Executive President (Founder President)

We have completed more than 30 years now, training, educating and making them to stand in the society. I invite you to visit our school at-least once.

Dr. Deepak S. Khalane M.S.(E.N.T.)


Dear Wellwisher, thank you very much for visiting our website and thanks a lot for appreciating our sincere efforts in bringing light and joy in the lives of the underprivileged children.

Dr. Ashish Panat


"I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy" -Rabindranath Tagore. On similar lines, IRHH Dhule, was established in 1980, by the Founder Members. It has been working in the field of education and rehabilitation of the Handicapped in Hearing

Mrs. Kalpana Patil


All greater ideas begin with commitment. To us, very important quality of education is character building. Our children represent our hopes and dreams.

Heavenly Blessings, Inspiration And Guidance

We, at the IRHH have been very fortunate to receive inspiration, guidance and blessings from these stalwarts, Late Nanasaheb Shri. Z. B. Patil, Late Annasaheb Shri. R.D. Deore, Living Legends Dr. J. K. Wani (Canada), Dr. N. K.Thakare, Annasaheb Shri. N. K. Patil, Annasaheb Shri. S. B. Rawale, Aabasaheb Shri. S. S. Patil.