Sports & Cultural Activities


We believe in both physical and mental development of our students. Various kinds of sporting activities are absolutely necessary for a child to grow in a healthy way. That’s why physical education is included in each and every school of India. It’s an important part of our curriculum.

In our school, physical education has been given equal importance and distribution in the weekly time table. We encourage our students for various indoor games, outdoor games, gymnastics, suryanaamaskar(sun-salutation), mass drill etc. Sports ground and equipments are provided. These physical activities do provide a relaxation and a change from routine in day to day school activities.

Every 3rd December we celebrate the ‘World Disabled Day’ with great enthusiasm. Sports meet is held in our school on a large scale. Students participate in various sport activities like running, long jump, high jump, shot put, slow cycling swimming etc. We encourage our students to participate in Interschool, District, State, Regional and National level Competitions. Very often we get a chance to celebrate their grand success in various events.

Cultural Activities

For entertainment in our school we allow our school students to celebrate and participate in cultural activities and programs. Our children perform in cultural program like normal child do, we train our students for traditional dance, Marwadi dance, Gujarati dance, Bhangda, Aadiwasi dance etc. In some events our students have achieved 1st prize.